By a very cold night of winter, those 2 friends are traveling on a motorcycle in the middle of a blizzard.

The one sitting in the back holds the driver very tight and has his whole body protected from the freezing cold.

The driver for his part is shivering and feels like he is going to die.


Suddenly, the friend in the back has an idea: "Let's stop one minute and put your jacket backward; in this way, the wind won't hurt you anymore."

The driver follows his friend's instructions and abracadabra, the back of the jacket covers totally his chest and his throat and he does not feel the cold anymore.

Completely exhilarated, he steps on the gas, begins to sing and drives like a madman until he crashes into a huge truck that appeared out of nowhere.


After 24 hours in a coma, the friend who was traveling in the back of the motorcycle  wakes up in an hospital and asks :

--" Where am I ?, What happened ? ".

--" Well my friend says the doctor; you have been in a terrible accident and you should be happy to be alive although you have 2 broken legs, 2 broken arms and internal bleeding "

--" Oh my God; and what happened to my friend ?"

--' Well something very curious happened : When we found him, his vital signs were perfect, he had no injuries whatsoever but unfortunately he died suddenly when we tried to put his head in place.