Fly Away

During the Religious Education class, Sister Mary asked the 4th Graders.

"All right class, what part of your body do you think goes to heaven first?

Little Johnny is the 1st one with his hand up!   "Doris", says Sister Mary,"

why don't you tell us what YOU think is the first part of your body that goes to Heaven!"

"Well Sister Mary, I think that it is your hands because when we pray-all

hands are pointing to heaven"   A very nice answer-Thank You Doris" says

Sister Mary.

"Who wants to go next?" says Sister Mary. Little Johnny has his hand up first again! Then Sister mary says "Michael- tell the class what part of your body goes to Heaven first".  "Sister Mary, I think that it is our eyes, whenwe pray we look at heaven-so it must be the eyes!"  "That's another nice answer-Thank You Michael" Sister Mary comments.

Okay children, we only have time for one more answer. By now Little Johnny is half standing up and waving his hand high in the air. "All right Johnny, why don't you tell us what body part YOU feel goes to Heaven first. "It's definately your feet Sister. There's no doubt about it!"

"Your feet Johnny? I'm afraid that you are going to have to explain THAT one!

remarks Sister Mary.

"Well Sister, when I walked by my Parent's bedroom, their door was open and I could see in the room real good. My Mother was laying on her back. Her feet were HIGH in the air. They were higher than her eyes and they were higher than her hands. And she was yelling "Lord I'm a 'comin!!!!!  And she would have too, if  my Dad wasn't holding her down!!!!!