Driving Pope


...So the Pope says, "Please, Luigi. Just this once, I want to drive the big limo. It's only a few miles to the hotel, nobody will know."


"Very well Your Holiness. Please be careful, it's been a few years since you..." but the Pope is around to the door pulling Luigi out of the driver's seat and sliding behind the wheel before he can finish. Luigi jumps in back and barely has time to slam the door before they're roaring down the highway.


The Pope bombing along, having a great time and Luigi is praying like a madman when a police car comes up behind them with lights and siren. The Pope pulls over and starts looking in his robes for a driver's license.


Over in the cop car, the driver tells his partner, "It's a hot day. Stay here and enjoy the air-conditioning. I'll handle this one."


He comes back a few minutes later, his face is pale he's so stunned.


"Did you ticket him?" his partner asks.


"I couldn't. You know who's in that car?"




"I don't know either, but he's got the Pope for a chauffeur!"